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Mar. 21st, 2016

littlest sith lord


(no subject)

So one of my martial arts friends helps run this website.


Which is all about container and indoor gardening. I didn't even realise that he liked gardening! Anyway, I told him I'd share the site around. It's still fairly new, so if there's anything you can suggest that will help them out, please do.

In other news, the oddball weather has made me really leery about sowing anything lately. We had a really mild winter, and then some recent hard frosts. Its ruined the massive curtain of jasmine blossom I'd been anticipating. There were so many buds so close to opening, now the lot are frost burnt. Mum cut them back in the hope that it'll encourage another round of flowers.

My boyfriend also came back with a tray of sad looking moth orchid plants that had been left outside on someone's bin for the past few days. They looked dehydrated and cold, and had clearly been thrown away because they were nolonger flowering. Which is such a shame really. We cut down the dead flower stalks and trimmed off the unsalvagable leaves and completely dried out roots, then left them to soak for a few hours in the basin.

They're looking a lot healthier and happier now. There's some new growth, and their roots are all fat and healthy. Hopefully they'll recover completely and we'll see them flowering again soon. It'll be cool to see what colour they are.

May. 11th, 2015

littlest sith lord


(no subject)

A while ago I posted about my harvest of accidental potatoes. It was an impressive harvest indeed for a veg that I hadn't realised I was growing at first! I had a full bucket of spuds, some of which were easily as big at the supermarket varients that they'd come from. I had quite a few good meals from them.

This year I hadn't intended to grow potatoes either. Infact, my inpromtu compost bin had been comandeered by my mother for some daffodils. But it seems that we missed one of the accidental potatoes in last years harvest, and now have one tall potato plant looming over the daffs. Unfotunately I can't do anything about it. If I water it as heavily as you're supposed to for spuds, then it'll damage the daffodils. Ah well. Ornamental accidental potato.

My forgetful and not entirely considerate mother has also been the death of my mini asparagus plot. This would have been year five of the plants development, where I should have been anticipating some nice fat juicy stems. Unfortunately, last year my mother helpfully 'cleared that big plant pot of all those weeds you left growing in there' and replanted with carnations...

Aug. 11th, 2014


Rocks In Melbourne Making One’s Garden Clean-Cut

Surrounding one’s landscape with rocks is likely to seem unusual at first. How to landscape with the help of a rock to enhance the scenery surrounding the home may be a challenging task to understand. But with a little creativity one can surprise oneself via creating an impressive backyard design. Via the help of a diverse variety of stones available in the current market, one can easily turn their landscape into something that immediately grabs the eyeballs. Today a rock is indeed the most crucial decor accessory in any garden. Along with adding uniqueness and style to one’s creation it can also help in keeping one’s garden appear clean-cut as well as put-together. Besides, one can also use them as seating areas provided the space in their garden allows for it. No wonder rocks in Melbourne are so popular.

Perfect accessory for garden lovers

The world is fast changing and the changing effects are felt in all walks of life. For all garden lovers who believe that they are equipped with fantabulous gardening ideas should think again. In the present years the gardening ideas too have also undergone a change, thus there is ample reason for one in reconsidering and thinking their knowledge. The market today is flooded with every kind of gardening accessory and product that one can include in their backyard of which rocks are extremely superior for the complete backyard decoration. Thus it serves to be a perfect accessory for all garden lovers.

Broad classification

These are broadly classified into four major types namely,

  • River pebbles- Although these are small in size, but certainly offer great benefits for one’s garden. They can help in redirecting the water flow and rain in less accessible areas only if they are located strategically

  • Boulders- Strong and big, boulders are generally utilized for highlighting a garden entrance or driveways. These also at times serve as a resting place as they are enough wide for one to sit on. This goes truly well with waterfalls. Partially submerging them underground will give a more natural look

  • Granite- Granite unlike others is rarely utilized in its actual form. These thus serve as a material used for making garden furniture like tables and benches and every sort of fixture and accessory

  • Flagstones- Flagstones are more ornamental compared to others owing to their variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Its appearance alone complimented with the right background is enough to grab attention. Besides, one can also utilize it for highlighting decorative patterns in their garden

A rock is an essential component of landscaping for all forms of garden. These offer resting places to people exploring one’s garden, boost up the garden’s natural look as well as serve as a lining for one’s pathways.

Jun. 10th, 2014

Just dance



Hi all! Been just watching on here for awhile to get ideas and such for my apartment garden.
I picked up a few plants for the local nursery...
one is a Swiss Cheese plant.
I'm getting conflicting names, monstera deliciosa / monstera friedrichstahlii / philodonderon friedrichstahlii. Which one is it really?


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Mar. 19th, 2014



Spring time planning

Hey tomorrow is the first day of spring, and I realized I am super late planning my patio garden for this year.  I have a fair idea what veggies I want to try this year, however I want to avoid last years problems before I go crazy buying plants.

My zucchini bloomed and bloomed and bloomed but never produced anything.  The "patio/container corn"  did the same thing.  The potato, tomato, and herbs did fantastic though. I think the problem may be that I have no pollinators in the area.  I have lived at this complex for 3 years and have yet to see a bee.  Anybody have any suggestions?  I tried manually pollinating the zucchini but it didn't seem to work.  Is there a sure fire plant to attract bees? Bonus points it is is a climbing plant. Or could it just that I am trying to grow zucchini and corn in a pot?

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Jul. 24th, 2013

littlest sith lord


(no subject)

My accidental potatoes are beginning to flower! This (according to the internet) is when the tubers are beginning to swell, and therefore need constant watering to make them nice and fat and ready for the pot. Alas, London has finally decided to have a heatwave and keeping them decently watered is proving a challenge.

Also, I'm moving shortly and won't be able to take the potatoes with me, so I'm tempted not to bother as no one else will look after them once I'm gone anyhoo. Unfortunately my bizarre maternal instincts refuse to let me just abandon them, so I'll keep looking after them until I go, then they're on their own.

I might see if I can sneak back later in the year to harvest them. Or at least to rescue my asparagus patch.

Jul. 12th, 2013

littlest sith lord


(no subject)

So... my accidental potatoes are looking nice and juicy.

Every year, without fail, I manage to accidentally grow potatoes. The first couple of times it was completely baffling, but by the third time around, we'd figured out that some of the potato peelings that I throw in the compost simply hadn't rotted down in time for the spring and had decided to sprout instead.

Good for them.

However, it does mean that we get potatoes growing in some unlikely places. This year they're in my asparagus patch and the potato plants are slightly overshadowing my asparagus. I can't really think what to do about them at the moment, so I've decided to leave them there for the rest of the year. The asparagus is still getting plenty of sun and I'll just have to re-pot them when I dig out the potatoes in the autumn.

On a side note: my accidental potatoes never get very big, probably due to the fact that they weren't planned and even the large container holding my asparagus isn't really big or deep enough for them. They're a nice bonus crop (I usually get enough potatoes for two or three meals), but I wouldn't recommend potato growing unless you have the space for a decent sized bin.

May. 21st, 2013

Fox, wanted


Old potting soil with possible dried cat urine

So, after years of not doing anything with it I decided to  restart my container garden with food plants, because my girlfriend surprised me with a few plants from the farmer's market. I mixed in some natural fertilizer with the multi-year old potting soil and without thinking planted these little guys with their starter cups ( The little pots that decompose when you leave them on after a while, i'm not sure what they're called).

What just occurred to me is that a) this dirt is really old and was really dusty b) my cat had used it as a litter box a couple times a while ago, I cleaned out the poop but i realized there could be pee too. The soil is long since dry and has been watered/fertilized.
A) is my having used it bad and should  I repot my current plants?  b) should I get rid of the rest of it and not use it?


Apr. 24th, 2013


Thoughts on Plant Spa planters?

Hi all,

I'm looking into getting some new planters this year. Has anyone tried the Plant Spa line of self-watering planters? I'm interested to hear if they worked well for you. I'd like to use them mostly for lettuces and herbs, and possibly tomatoes if they come big enough.

Thanks in advance.

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