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mccemily in apartmentgarden

ideas on how to attach planters to wide railing?

I've been looking for a way to attach several flower box style planters to my porch railing. I've seen lots of options for this purpose but none that can accommodate my apparently non-standard, nearly 7" railing. Has anyone seen anything that would work for this, or perhaps a homemade solution?

A lot of my neighbors seem to just balance their pots on the railing, but if possible I'd really like something to make sure a strong gust of wind or an errant elbow won't send my plants plummeting to the ground.

Thanks in advance.


Failing being able to find something purpose-made you could secure it with some wire? I've done something similar with wire coathangers and as long as you twist the wire and tuck the ends out of sight it doesn't look too bad.
Years ago, my dad helped me rig something to hold those fairly standard rectangular plastic boxes up on my railing. We used cheap PVC pipe and connectors from the hardware store to fashion a zig-zag apparatus that hung over the balcony on one side (about six inches down) and then went over the width of the balcony, then down the other side a bit longer than the height of the planter, then along its bottom, and up the front to hold it in place. There were two of these to distribute the weight of each rectangular box. They worked really well--except that those cheap planters can be kind of crappy about drainage, so you want to watch out for that or add your own holes.

Sadly, I don't have pictures of this. But being crafty like I am, I mocked up a cross-section with the cheap drawing program that came with my computer. Now I just have to figure out how to upload the picture...

An L-shaped shelf mounting bracket would work depending on what type of planting box you are trying to use. Screw one side into the planter, and one side into the railing.
Duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape. :D
I was going to suggest the same. I got mine at Lowe's. I found these which are not the ones I bought but could do the trick.
for 7" I'd suggest drilling a couple of holes very low on the sides and running a fairly heavy wire through before you plant. Then use the wires to secure to the railings.

I have regular-width railings (and regular railing-brackets attached to them) but I also have some smaller containers I use for cut-and-come-again greens that I got at the dollar store. They are exactly as wide as the railings so I wire them in place on the shorter sides of my deck and I've never lost one yet!

Unlike the square container of radish-lings that plummeted 3 stories down into the neighbor's parking lot as I was 'rearranging' this afternoon. Oopsies.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll have to make a trip to the hardware store and see what I can put together.


wide railing

Also have a wide railing (7.5") for which I need a holder/bracket for 7"inch wide planter/flower boxes. Comments did not really address this issue. Does anyone have suggestions that do not involve drilling into the deck and can hold wooden boxes/ Thanks!