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Apartment and Container Gardening

Gardening in Small Spaces

Apartment Gardening
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Welcome to Apartment Gardening
The LJ community for container gardening and greening up your small spaces.
Your two acting moderators are

In the very unlikely event you have any issues you feel needs moderator attention feel free to contact either of us via LJ msger. We're both on pretty often. We usually are most often a friendly and helpful bunch, so its pretty rare for any issues to arise.

Rules to the community

1. Please check the tags before posting a question because it might happen that your question has been answered.
2. Please do a little research about your gardening space and what you can grow before posting. Posts such as "I'm new what should I grow" tend to clutter up the community and are not really helpful.
3. We like tags here, so please tag your post with any of the tags we've used before. If you have a new tag needed, contact the community moderators, and if it is a needed tag we'll make it.
4. NO DRAMA. None. It will not be tolerated. Be respectful of your fellow members and constructive with your comments. Unhelpful rude people will be warned and then expelled. Keep any debates civil and constructive if someone disagrees with you. This also includes drama incited about this community in other communities. Posts in other communities that are rude and unkind to other members will not be tolerated.
5. Pics need to be under an lj-cut.
6. Please ask the moderator's permission before promoting another community.
7. No selling posts. Seed Trading is ok though.

Good FAQ's to read before you post

Good information

- How to make an Earth box- Homemade self contained gardening box

- Window farms- sustainable gardening projects in urban areas

- Have low light in your house but still wants plants? here's a list of low light plants.

Plants that clean the air.

- More plants that clean the air at your office or your home

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